Do you know any young adults looking for the summer of a lifetime? 


NextGen is hiring now for Ignite Mobile Camp Counselors! Counselors will travel all over the state and build their relationship with God, fellow teammates, and campers. This paid college internship will run from late May through August 9, 2020. If you know someone who would be a good fit for this position, you can refer them to our application here!


The relationships formed with between teammates can last for a lifetime. 

Ignite Mobile Camp hosts day camp all across the state of Missouri. Each week camp will be set up in a new town, and staff members will be paired with Host Families--members of the church who graciously open up their homes for our Ignite Team. Host Homes allow for nights full of community with fellow Ignite staff as well as local church members. The Ignite Team will spend the entire summer in community with one another encouraging through challenges, and celebrating through triumphs.


The NextGen team seeks to further the Conference Priorities by creating Missional Leaders.

Counselors are encouraged to grow and share their faith. During training, the staff will be coached through how to lead a Bible study, answer hard questions, and disciple their campers. The NextGen team constantly encourages and equips summer staff with the tools needed to grow their faith. Each week there will be a staff bible study, team worship, and individual discipleship.


The camper to counselor relationship can show a camper the love of God.

Camp counselors are fun. They dance and sing, create funny stories and play games. Counselors are encouraged to make everything fun because if they are having fun, the campers will too! Along with bringing the fun, they are spiritual mentors to the campers. The staff will lead daily Bible studies and engage in intentional conversations with each of their campers learning more about the camper’s life, interests, and relationship with God.



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